How long does it take to walk up kunanyi / Mt Wellington?

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Story by Andy Crawford

kunanyi / Mt Wellington is one of Hobart's most popular attractions along with the MONA museum and Salamanca Market on Saturdays.  

How long does it it take to walk to the top? In essence the answer is that it’s a day walk and there are a number of ways that people walk up kunanyi / Mt Wellington which I’ll go into in just a tick. Did I mention that it’s a mountain, yep it’s all up hill from sea level in Hobart to the alpine summit at a height of 1271m. Needless to say, you need to have a reasonable level of fitness and be prepared for any weather. At the time of writing this, Hobart has just had a 40 degree Celsius day and snow is forecast tomorrow for the mountain! Best to prepare for 4 seasons in one day when travelling to Tasmania.   So here are a few options which explain how long it takes to walk up kunanyi / Mt Wellington ... 

The Point to Pinnacle Race

It's dubbed the world's toughest half marathon, if you’re a walker in the Point to Pinnacle Race held annually in November then it can take as little as 3 hours to walk the 21 kms from the Wrest Point Casino to the Summit, but of course this doesn’t take in the sites and leaves little time to explore the natural wonders. Really it's a power walk...

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Andy running the point to pinnacle race

Up the road from the city 

To walk from the center of Hobart to the pinnacle up the main roads is a little under 21kms and takes about 4 to 5 hours depending on your fitness. The route follows Davey St, Huon Rd and then Pinnacle Rd. I wouldn’t advise this option as there is no pavement once you start getting away from the city, combine this with a fairly busy and times narrow road it’s a recipe for disaster. Plus you'll miss the best bits, the hut ruins, giant tree ferns and wildlife encounters.

Organ Pipes Track, best 5 walks on mt wellington, hiking, hobart, tasmania.
Hiking on the organ pipes track

Using the walking trails 

By the far the best option is to link together the web of walking tracks that pass by historic sites and unique natural environments. This is what our Sea to Summit walk is all about, Hobart's first and only tour from Hobart's waterfront to the pinnacle of kunanyi / Mt Wellington. We start out at 8am and finish on the summit just after 4pm. 

The best track to leave the city is Linear Park otherwise known as the Rivulet Track it starts at the top end of Collins Street right near a great coffee venue, Hamlet Café.  

Once you’ve reached the Cascade Brewery there are numerous hiking tracks that can lead you to the summit. Depending on the route you choose the key stopping points for some shelter are Junction Cabin, The Springs and possibly The Chalet.

The route we use in our tour is 18km, some of the highlights include the World Heritage Cascade Female Factory, Cascade Brewery (Australia's Oldest), hut ruins, giant tree ferns, birds and pademelons, the rugged rock of the Organ Pipes and of course the epic views from the summit. Our tour is gourmet catered with fresh pastries and fruit for morning tea, wallaby burgers for lunch and the best Tasmanian Cheeses. Imagine challenging yourself to walk from sea to summit in the company of a local guide who shares the history and natural wonders and makes sure you stay safe and very well fed! If you'd like to read more about what it's like to to be part of our Sea to Summit walk then click here.

There are a web of trails on the mountain, so best to have a map if your navigating this yourself, some of the longer alternatives take about 22km, and would take from 5 to 9 hours to complete. 

Low res - Abby

Transport from the summit to the city 

All of the timings for walks described are for a one way trip. Obviously its quicker on the down hill but harder on the knees! A great option is to take advantage of the new kunanyi / Mt Wellington Explorer Bus, which can even access the summit in the snow when the road is blocked to all other traffic.

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