Booking and Refunds Terms and Conditions

Last Updated August 2021


Appropriate footwear means:
(a) In respect of an easy walk supportive walking shoes with firm treaded soles.
(b) In respect of a moderate walk supportive walking shoes with firm treaded soles.
(c) In respect of a hard walk lace up walking boots which have ankle support and firm treaded soles. Walking shoes are not acceptable.
(d) Dress shoes, high heels, casual sandals or similar footwear are not appropriate footwear.

Departure means the time and place upon which your walk takes begins.

Booking means making a reservation to undertake one of our walks.

Booking form means any form recording the details of the ticket holder and the walk chosen by the purchaser or ticket holder.

Essential personal gear means equipment carried by each guest as a requirement to participate on a walk. This includes a raincoat, drink bottle, appropriate footwear, at least one warm layer and any personal required medication.

Guide means the walk leader.

Purchaser means a person who has made a booking, who may not also be a  ticket holder.

Ticket holder means person who has a booking to undertake a walk

Walk(s) means a tour guided by WOK which includes physical activity, guided interpretation of the area including aboriginal cultural experiences and transportation. WOK walks are graded in line with the Wellington Park Management Trust difficulties as follows:

  •  Hard walk means sections of the track require walkers to be relatively fit, experienced and have appropriate walking equipment.
  • Moderate walk means some sections may be demanding for people with limited fitness, experience or without appropriate walking equipment e.g. some climbing but not overly steep or sustained.
  • Easy walk means unlikely to cause difficulties for inexperienced walkers e.g. no steep grades requiring climbing.

And cover the following durations:

  • Full day walk means a walk that lasts approximately 6 to 10 hours.
  • Half day walk means a walk that lasts approximately 3 to 6 hours.
  • Short walk means a walk that lasts approximately 1 to 3 hours.

Walk fee means the total amount of purchase in dollars.

Walk Terms and Conditions means the document named as such and amended from time to time, available at

Walk on kunanyi (WOK) means Walk on kunanyi, Australian Business Number (ABN) 88570225246 and abbreviated as WOK.

We, us, ours is, where the context permits, a reference to WOK.

Website means the domain attached to WOK.

You, yours is, where the context permits, a reference to the purchaser.


1- Bookings

1.1 Pricing
(a) Inclusions for each walk are listed on the website.
(b) WOK will provide catered food on all walks.
(c) WOK may offer complimentary alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks per walk.

1.2 Payments
(a) All pricing is in Australian dollars and quoted on a per person basis unless specifically stated otherwise, such as for larger groups and families.
(b) Payments can be made with a debit card, credit card or with cash.
(c) Additional credit card or debit card fees are not charged but this may be subject to change without notice.

1.3 Confirmation of booking
(a) A booking is not confirmed until full payment is received and a receipt issued.
(b) A valid ticket must be shown to the guide in respect of a booking made on the day of departure.

2 - Cancellation

2.1 Cancellation by ticket holder or purchaser
(a) If the ticket holder or purchaser cancels the booking:
(i) more than 7 days from departure, the ticket holder or purchaser will be refunded an amount of the walk fee less $5;

       (ii) fewer than 3 days before departure, no refund will be made unless there are extenuating circumstances and even in this case WOK still                reserves the right to a full refund.

(b) The date of cancellation is the date that WOK receives written notice of the cancellation.
(c) The ticket holder or purchaser is deemed to have cancelled their booking if the ticket holder fails to arrive at the pre-arranged meeting place within 10 minutes of the time stipulated.

2.2 Cancellation by WOK
(a) All of our walks take place in a very special wilderness setting of kunanyi in Wellington Park. We are at the mercy of nature in all her beauty and all her fury. We will under no circumstance knowingly place at risk the health and well-being of our guests and guides. In the case of natural threats, acts of God and the like (e.g. bushfires and impassable snow) we may need to cancel a walk with very little notice. In some cases, this can occur after the walk has commenced. If we need to cancel for any reason, we will fully refund the cost of the walk or provide a replacement walk at a later date convenient to both parties. Any other costs associated with travel to the designated pick up point, overnight accommodation, meals, etc will not be covered by us and therefore we strongly recommend travel insurance be in place for the walk.
(b) WOK reserves the right to cancel any walk up to 14 days prior to departure in which event a full refund will be made.

3 - Refunds

3.1 No refunds will be given if the ticket holder:
(a) Does not have appropriate footwear;
(b) Does not have essential personal gear;
(c) Voluntarily leaves the walk after departure;
(d) Is requested to leave the walk by the guide due to health, fitness or other reasons that put the safety of the group at risk;
(e) Fails to comply with directions from the guide;
(f) Leaves the walk after departure for reasons of bereavement, injury or illness.

4 - Transfer of booking

4.1 Transfer more than 24 hours from departure
(a) If the ticket holder or purchaser notifies WOK of their request to transfer their booking not less than 24 hours before departure; and
(b) WOK is satisfied that the ticket holder or purchaser wishes to transfer their booking owing to extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the ticket holder or purchaser , WOK may transfer the booking:
(i) To an available future date;
(ii) Within the current or next immediate season.

4.2 Transfer fewer than 24 hours from departure
(a) WOK does not offer transfers for their booking within 24 hours from departure unless there are extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the ticket holder and even in this case WOK still reserves the right to not offer a transfer.

4.3 In the case of transfer
(a) If WOK decides to transfer the booking, an administration fee of $15 per person will be deducted from monies held.
(b) The balance of monies held will be retained by WOK and allocated against the cost of any transferred booking.
(c) The cost of the transferred booking will be calculated at the new date of departure and the balance billed accordingly.

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