Five things to do in Hobart off the beaten track

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Story by Andy Crawford

Hobart has a lot to offer and after you have done a Walk on kunanyi, what other gems does Hobart have to offer? Well of course, heading to MONA, Salamanca Market and TMAG are all great options. But what do locals do? Well as two locals we have listed our top 5 things to do in Hobart. We hope you check them out and enjoy. Leave comments if you do!


1) Mid-town eateries and drinking holes


There’s a new little zone of great eateries and drinking holes emerging in-between the CBD and North Hobart, creatively named Mid-Town. It’s on Elizabeth Street between Bathurst St intersection extending through to Brisbane St. Our highlights are Ettie's a casual bistro come wine bar, bottle shop and dining room, don’t forget to check out their piano bar tucked away in the cellar. Other great bars include Rude Boy and the Kaiju Can bar.


2) Coffee with a Dad Joke



We are pretty blessed with a lot of great coffee options, but we recommend, Villino in Criterion St or Ginger Brown (pretty much Andy’s second lounge room in South Hobart). If you're in the CBD head to Atlas Espresso and be greeted with a chalk board dad joke on your way in, stellar service and bloody awesome coffee. Oh and they are also the current world record holders for the most cappuccinos made in one hour – pretty cool!


3) Visit the “Eastern Shore” watch a sunset



Head across the bridge from Hobart by bike, water taxi, foot or taxi to get to Bellerive. We particularly recommend the cycle across the bridge but be warned it’s a pretty narrow track so only for the experienced! A lovely beach to take a dip, eat fish and chips and soak up the family atmosphere. See the difference in the vegetation and experience Hobart’s “sunny side" where the locals are adamant that its always at least 2 degrees warmer than in Hobart. A great spot to watch a sunset over kunanyi / Mt Wellington.


4) A Sub-Antarctic Plant House



If you didn’t think Hobart was cold enough, head along to the Sub-antarctic Plant House at Hobart’s Royal Botanical Gardens where you get blasted by cold air and can see some of the vegetation that survives in these conditions. Plus its beside the famous Pete’s vegie patch that features on Gardening Australia!


5) Rektango



Want to boogie to some live music and sip on a Cascade stubby with the locals? Every Friday night Rektango hosts live upbeat instrumental music where you can get your inner hippy on and dance like no-one is watching. Oh and its free! If you miss this, the next best bet to drink like a local down at Salamanca is Preachers.

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